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Case Study

Visma overcomes employer branding challenges

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Read our new case study to see how Visma:

  • Tackles a tight labour market and uncovers the next generation of IT talent
  • Speaks with one tone of voice and projects a distinct employer brand while also recognising the uniqueness of each company within the group.
  • Delivers the quality of content required to engage with target audiences through social media and its website.
  • Achieves a fully scalable solution that gives the smaller companies the support they need while also simplifying international rollouts.

About Visma

We develop and deliver software to small businesses, medium and large enterprises, and the public sector – improving the work-life of millions of people around the world. Our software simplifies and automates complex and manual work processes, empowering people’s everyday lives.

Visma is a collection of entrepreneurial companies, each with its own start-up mentality, personality, and leadership.
All our 170 companies have business autonomy and go-to-market freedom – a key ingredient to our growth.


Each of our companies is unique, but Contentoo helps us speak with one tone of voice and a distinct employer brand. Our content is attracting our target audience’s attention and getting them to click and engage with our brand.

Jet Bouwman, Marketing Strategist | Employer Branding