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Case Study

Discover how Foleon accelerated the growth of their content marketing

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Discover how Foleon, a content creation platform with a niche B2B audience, accelerated the growth of their content marketing through a Contentoo partnership

Read our new case study to find out how Contentoo’s expert freelancers help Foleon:


  • Scale their content marketing and position the brand as thought leader
  • Increase awareness and generate leads for a unique B2B service
  • Create valuable content to target a wider range of relevant keywords, driving more high-quality traffic to their website.

About Foleon

Foleon is a content creation platform that is all about empowering more people to create content within their organizations.


  • Industry: Software
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Size: 125 employees

If I just send a broad topic, our freelance support will be able to run with it and come back with a really nice piece. Contentoo makes my life a lot easier.

Julie Alexander, Director of Brand and Communications